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winesona curates events and venues around your lifestyle and tastes.



A taste-focused private club at the heart of SOMA, San Francisco, Modernist is known for the low-key big deals - entrepreneurs, business execs, artists and sports stars, as well as its personalized mixology. Modernist partners with Winesona, brings to you a journey into wines where YOUR TASTE MATTERS. We are curating a series of eight wine tastings, to uncover your tastes and to talk about how to excel at looking smart with wines. 


zaza Nail & wine Lounge 

Winesona believes that wines are about lifestyle. So we choose our partners around your life. 
Zaza features non-toxic products for your beauty and has attracted clientele of taste. Zaza and Winesona get together for our sonalites to uncover your taste and get polished!


Starlite winery

A very artisanal winery at the heart of Alexander Valley, Starlite was founded by a veteran lawyer and businessman. The vineyard serves as much the admirers of Alexander Valley as the residents for friends and family reunions. As part of the tastings, now you can find out your winesona in the backdrop of Alexander Valley's sunset . 

we curate special social events for sonalites at these handpicked venues in the course of april, request your invite here

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