Your Taste Matters.


The path to happiness is to focus on what one truly likes truly, when nobody else is looking. Winesona's North Star is to make wine drinking a personal and loving experience for everyone Winesona may reach.

Tiffany, Winesona's founder, grew up in China, a country of mass production. She stumbled into Paris in her early 20s and discovered a wonderland where for the first time her taste mattered.

That contrast had shaken her life deeply – we care about how you feel as an individual. Winesona is all about this vision – to create the right, the freedom, and the way to be happy in our own way.

Winesona, your wine persona, depicts your true tastes.

All tastes start somewhere, they evolve, and just like life, they can be developed in any way you would like to, and sometimes they can grow with surprises into another path because of the people surrounding you.


What we believe: Your taste matters.

When we say we love a wine, what we truly fall in love with is the moment, the person we are with and the path to the purity of emotions.

That's what wine is about - a path to socialize, to express and to liberate in your own unique way.

Why we created Winesona: Because we are obsessed.

Choosing a wine is difficult? Oh no! is ridiculously difficult!

You look at labels graphics, second lowest prices on the menus (yes, definitely the smart move!), and Robert Parker rating (why seriously should we care?), because otherwise, how?

You went to tastings and even paid for some wine clubs, yet, all what you want is knowing what to pick at a bar or at a store.



"Winesona is obsessed with bringing the essence of wines - tastes and sociability - back to you."

- Tiffany Xingyu Wang, CEO & Founder of