Spring 2019

What is the spirit of Spring? What would be the winesona of San Franciscan's Spring? 

We think of

"wanderlust" - a desire to travel
"Zeitgeist" - A moment defined by ideas

SO, WE are featuring...


air france lounge @ SFO
- Where your wanderlust starts

Wines are not only what we consume, but also what we choose.
So are some other things - where we are traveling to, how we travel, and who we travel with. 
We are defined by our choices.

This spring, Air France partners with Winesona, and brings "Your Taste Matters" program to frequent flyers, business and first-class travelers passing by her SFO lounge. 

While you travel, get your unique winesona just like this

modernist at the heart of soma
- where your zeitgeist forms

Wines are only a medium of sharing. They are precious because they sparkle emotions and ideas, because they forge memories and relationships

Modernist, a private club known for her brilliant members and personalized cocktails, engages Winesona to create a unique but evolving taste profile for each member.

Together, we host a wine series "how to seal a deal over wines." this spring. 


while you socialize, express your uniqueness.